Monday, August 25, 2008

$0.99 Margaritas at The Fremont Hotel & Casino

This the ridiculously sweet deals are a thing of the past in Vegas? Then get downtown to Fremont Street and experience the offerings availiable for just 99 cents!

The 99 Cent Margarita

You heard right! Just step up to any bar in the
Fremont Hotel & Casino
and ask for one! I ordered mine in the bar at their Sports Book. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly bartender. I half expected to have him look down his nose with a "oh another cheap SOB" look on his face - but he was as nice and helpful as can be! He also noted that they have Heinekens and Coronas for just $2 each too. I LOVE me some downtown!

How did it taste? Not bad at all. Very, very lime-y ... and they didn't skimp on the tequila like you think they would. This frozen concoction definitely did the trick!

Next up ... Mermaids Casino (and a TON of 99 cent goodies)

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