Monday, August 18, 2008

Riders of The Thunderdome - Free Vegas Motorsports Show!

... After dinner at Triple Seven, we headed to the west end of Fremont Street where it crosses Main (just look for the Plaza Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas ) and got there just in time to jockey for position for the 9:15 showing of Riders of the Thunderdome. It attracts quite a crowd each time it runs (check the schedule here: usually 9:15 and 11:15 pm - Thurs - Sun) Right between Vegas Club Hotel & Casino and the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino .

Not familiar with Riders of the Thunderdome? Basically, you take 3 pretty sick individuals - give them motorcycles, stick them in a metal ball about the size of your average bedroom and see what happens. It's impressive! I think I saw the same outfit preform at Barnum & Baily's - setting a world record with 7 (yup, seven) guys in a metal ball on motorcyles! There's a chance it was a bigger ball - that I am not sure of.
I also took a short video - in an attempt to to make up for the lousy photo ... then proceeded to upload it sideways to YouTube. Don't worry - there are plenty of other videos posted of the Riders of the Thunderdome, so you can see it right side up.

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