Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fremont Street - Experience Downtown Las Vegas!

If you have ever been to Las Vegas, and didn't get to Fremont Street, you have done yourself a serious disservice. Well, if you are just an average person like me, anyways - (If you, Paris and Nicole are headed to Pure, then this blog ain't for you).

Go 3 miles due north of the strip, and you'll find something I like to call, old school vegas. The hotel rooms won't impress most people, but they will certainly leave you with enough dough in your wallet to enjoy yourself (and you'll find them more than adequate. C'mon, why hang out in the hotel room anyway?) the limits are low, the lights are shiny and everything is within walking distance. Think indoor/outdoor mall with all the gaming excitement, food & drinks you can shake a stick at.

This blog is designed for the unpretentious. For folks who like great deals - like a 3 for $10 Las Vegas souvenire T-Shirts, and 99 cent shrimp cocktails and deep fried twinkies. For those who can truly appreciate the not-so-finer things in life and still have a great time.

Like free entertainment? Then you'ld love the cover bands and the guys racing their motorcycles around inside a metal ball. Get the entertainment schedule at

Cheap eats? Grab a slice (at Picodilly), a snack, a donut, ice cream - or even a meal for a great deal in a real live restaurant in and around the Downtown Casinos.

And don't worry - there's plenty of adult beverages to wash it all down. Brew pubs? 99 cent margaritas? Yeah, they have that too.

... and sure, not all the folks are what you would call ordinary - but who comes to Vegas for an ordinary vacation?

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T-Shirt Guy's T-Shirt Blog said...

Oh year, and I forgot the World's Largest TV, duh. Don't forget to check that out in the evenings too!