Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can Sin City Be Saved?

So, the nickname "Sin City" attracts a lot of different people for a lot of reasons. The vast majority of Las Vegas vacationers (downtown or otherwise) are more in for the "What happens in Vegas..." type experience; And some people can't leave that alone.

Any given night on Fremont Street you'll find (at least) 2 types of religious crusaders - usually located where Fremont crosses Casino Center - right smack in the middle of the goings on.

The first type (spotted on the East side this intersection right between the Fremont Casino and Four Queens) is not so subtle. In your face, bullhorn in hand, telling you what a "Sinner, Fornicator, Liar, and/or Thief you are" (actually I was too busy giggling at the word "Fornicator" to catch anything else as I strolled by. I have spend a good amount of time Downtown, and have yet to see anyone be engaged enough to even attempt a conversation with anyone blaring this type of circus-act-used-car-salesman-style sales pitch ...

On the other hand, upon crossing casino center, I was however intrigued by the man with a poster asking "What is the name of the raised print deaf people use?" and 5 other questions - and marked as Intelligence Test. I'm thinking - "No sweat, I got this one" and strolled over there like some guy on the street was gonna hand me a pile of cash or a prize for answering these questions...

Enter Doug. King of the soft sell. After engaging me with the intelligence test asked me lots of questions about my beliefs and such and we actually had a 10 or so minute conversation. I must admit, at first I really felt I had failed the intelligence test, if you know what I mean. Hey, Doug was a nice guy - and for whatever reason I felt he really, truly wanted to help. I have no problem with that... but thankfully at about the 10 minute mark my gf's 2 year old son got cranky and I had to split.

... but I still wonder if good old Doug and the megaphone guy were working together - sort of a good missionary/bad missionary type deal.

Although I didn't get a prize, I still think my new pal D. was trying to give me something valuable. Thanks man.

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