Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Friday Night on Fremont St.

Let's see - the parking lot was full at Fitzgerald Hotel, but no worries - there was plenty of parking a block down. Above the (I think it's called) the Fremont Street Mall is a good sized lot, and parking on the roof provided a great view (poor photo, left) of the east end of Fremont Street, just where the massive Viva Vision screen ends. (That's it at the top of the photo) The elevator drops you off between Walgreens and Hennessey's Tavern (that giant pint glass).

Tonight, we are looking for the free entertainment, nestled between the shiny hotels and casinos.

First stop, the stage between the Fitz and the Four Queens Hotel and Casino to see the 80's band The Whip Its. Upon arrival, as fate would have it, they were, as if on cue, jamming out "Whip It" by Devo ... complete with the flower pots on their heads! If you like the 80's music these guys (and a gal) are a lot of fun. Fun crowd, fun band.

(SIDENOTE: Is it just me or is 80's music much more fun now than it was in the actual 80's?)

80's not your thing? No problemo. Just a block or so down Fremont St. between Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel & Vegas Club Hotel & Casino on the other big stage Wonder Boogie was shaking things up a massive crowd shaking it groovey 70's tunes.

We got there just in time to see 'em get the crowd involved in a train - fitting to "Come on Ride the Train" or whatever that song is. Legend has it, they have had the dance train reach 217, um, dancers. Sounds like bull (because who counted?) but the crowd was really into these guys so I tend to believe it. Who doesn't love a giant afro. (sorry I couldn't get even a halfway decent picture)

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention that these guys are really funny. Between songs the banter with the audience is quite a hoot - leaning toward adult humor, but clever enough to sail over the heads of any childeren who may be present. Easy to see why they were voted "Best of Las Vegas" the last 2 years running by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

So, that's it for the free bands on Fremont St on this Friday night. Oh, but there is sooooo much more ...

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